Better Democracy, Better Economic Growth?

New Zealanders have worked hard to improve the quality of their democracy. They have actively encouraged the rule of law, freedom of speech, eliminated control of corruption and continuing to improve to make government more effective. There has been tremendous investment devoted to reducing terrorism and violence and gun control has been a significant factor in its democracy. New Zealand are now in top position to commit to economic freedom by handling covid-19 that is the envy of the world. Throughout the pandemic we have seen furniture movers able to work through the lockdowns and minimal economic damage to tourism due to their tightened but effective restrictions which was considered short and sharp. But what is the correlation between democracy and economic growth? Is New Zealand in a better position for economic expansion than those countries that didn’t handle the pandemic just as well? The relationship political democracy and economic growth has been a center of debate in the past 50 years, whilst more information has been collected regarding this relationship, research shows a theoretical divide on the impact of democratic vs authoritarian systems on economic growth.

“Roses Trémières” by Berthe Morisot
“In the Bois de Boulogne” by Berthe Morisot
“Young Woman in Mauve” by Berthe Morisot

How can we improve democracy?

For many years, problems with democracy have been pushed under the carpet in the general belief that “democracy is the worst form of government — except for all the others.” While people have felt unhappy with the results after certain elections, their unhappiness didn’t cause them to question the entire system. Read More

Does democracy boost economic growth?

There are several challenges in estimating the impact of democracy on growth. First, existing democracy indices are typically subject to considerable measurement error, leading to spurious changes in the democracy score of a country even though its democratic institutions do not truly change. Read More

Is democracy good for everyone?

Democracy is good for everyone, but there are quite a few countries that have been cobbled together artificially, or are far too big and can only be ruled dictatorially in their present form Iraq, Congo and Sudan, for example. The only thing to do is to break them up into smaller units that are capable of supporting democratic rule. Read More