Is Democracy Good for Everyone?

Democracy is a good thing but there still exists countries that have not adopted this regime. Qatar, Cuba, China, North Korea are still run without a democratic type of government. There are many reasons why democracy is better; democracies do not fight amongst themselves, democracies are more likely to be humane on strong issues within the country, there is more accountability and the participation within the general population remains high which is also a benefit. The opinions and suggestions of many voices and ideas bring a collaborative approach and in turns are more likely to result in better decisions.

In countries where democracy is evident, regardless of the voting outcome, party leaders have to respect and value the system. This places more responsibility on everyone as a whole to behave in an amicable and respectful manner.

Where society is gaining popularity, there may be less maturity to accept the outcome of a vote. Party leaders and voters have the mentality driven into them and will not willingly give up electoral defeat and can often result in a collapsed community. The only way to become totally democratic is to let the reform run and allow time to pass, until then citizens will not be able to fully live as a democracy.